Based on Ludwig Wittgenstein

ARTDIGILOGS is after my accompanying of the book world by a new, thematically freer and open activity with the small accompanying boats


The material found is the ideal source of ideas for me. The development process is often searching and experimental. The aim is to bring together the coincidental and the necessary. In many ARTDIGILOGS, object and shipping information form a unity. You as a viewer can add new levels of meaning to these ARTDIGILOGS through your imagination.



My goal is to make individual theme experiences possible through creative, artistic dinghies. Content landscapes and material poetry redefine things. This is how valuable and sustainable contact possibilities are created.
If you are interested, please contact contact . My haptic project proposals facilitate your decision making

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2020 in Wien

HYBRIDS / Edition object

Edition 24 (+3)
wood, cardboard, canvas, bee cardboard
2,5 x 21 x 29 cm / 0,25 kg

EUR 180.-
Free delivery

to the objects


This ARTDIGILOG OBJECT found its place in the art collection of the Museum of Communication in Berlin.


Giving and receiving, this landscape of GIVE and TAKE, accompanies us throughout our lives. With individual objects the special appreciation is expressed. Private and business relationships can be strengthened in this way. If you wish to make a gift of ARTDIGILOGS, I will send it to the address you specify.

Keep as an echo an individual object card sent to you by me as a reminder.

Coming from the tradition of MAIL ART, I would like to creatively combine the medium of postal logistics with my ARTDIGILOGS. This is how personal contemporary documents are created.

From the novel "Im Jahr 95 Nach Hiroshima" by
Richard Hey


Autodidact, born in Vienna. Lives and works in Munich.

Solo- and group exhibitions

Founder of Werkstattpresse Wien,

Mail Art Archive Vienna, BBK Munich

Founding partner of the Friends of the Bavarian State Ballet

Founding member Children for a better World