Selected objects and themes find expression and appearance in the FRAMEWORK of ARTDIGILOGen*. The new appeal of such a hybrid NFT lies in its ability to combine traditional and digital art forms to create something unique.

Innovative, haptic „storytelling“ makes new things „tangible“ and creates valuable, digital contact points as ARTDIGILOG. The rarity of hybrid ARTDIGILOGe in the real world and in a blockchain, allows collectors and companies to share and own the physical art object and its digital echo.

*ARTDIGILOGe NFTs are on-chain NFTs. The value code is verifiably stored directly in the specified blockchain. Separate digital and analog storage is ensured by the object-like connection to a Stamp Wallet, an analog cold wallet.

Hermann Gruber
Autodidact, born in Vienna. Lives and works in Munich.
Founded Werkstattpresse Vienna,
Mail Art Archive Vienna, BBK Munich,
Founding partner Friends of the Bavarian State Ballet
Founding member Children for a better World